From the President

I am happy to be serving  as President of KMHCA this year. First, I want to thank Alan Bakes for an awesome job at the helm last year. He gave much needed insight and guidance to the things we needed to address. Of course, I want to thank all of the officers last year and a BIG thank you to Amy Washington who has served KMHCA in several capacities and has kept this Newsletter going (in spite of the flaws in the rest of us!)  

I am excited to work with the new officers, Dr. Edwin Gunberg, Vikki Bonyata, and returning from last year Sarah Hurt. Dr. Bakes set several goals for our organization last year, and we have made much progress. I plan to continue working on those goals as well as increasing membership.  

Regarding the openings on the Licensed Professional Counselors Board:

The KMHCA board was made aware of another opening on the licensure board coming September, 2015. I was called by the Board Chair and made aware of this just yesterday (8/13/15). As of this date, four applications for the open counselor position have been received.  Due to the news of yet another opening on the board, KMHCA believes it is most appropriate to allow submission of applications for one more week: August 17th – 21st. After the KMHCA board reviews the applications to establish eligibility of the candidate, an election will be held (if necessary) to narrow the number of applications to no more than six. Voting will be open August 24th – 28th (again, if necessary) at, then three names for each open counselor position will be sent to the governor for his appointment to fill the two positions.  (Note: only applications for the additional counselor position will be accepted during this extended submission week). Voting is open to all LPCAs and LPCCs. Each person is only permitted one vote. There are four candidates; the three with the most votes will be forwarded to the Governor's office. The Governor will then decide who will be assigned the open seat.

We had only one application for Citizen-at-Large, Martha Erwin, which will be forwarded to the Governor's office.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the KCA conference in October in Louisville where we will have a KMHCA meeting and an awesome luncheon sponsored by the LPCC board. I am planning on collecting dues for KMHCA at the door to the luncheon so if you haven’t paid dues yet this year, be ready! Membership and participation in your professional organizations is invaluable. Please join us at the conference and attend our membership meeting. We need each of you to help KMHCA grow and return to its position of strength in the state.


Judy Bradley, LPCC
President, KMHCA

Two Openings Available on State License Board

Nominations for KMHCA recommendations for open positions on the Kentucky Board of Licensed Professional Counselors are open until July 31, 2015. There is one open Professional board seat this year, along with a Citizen-at-Large position.

KMHCA will be accepting nominations for its recommendations through July 31, 2015. If we have more than the allowed number of recommendations, we will hold a vote online to determine the three candidates for each position to be suggested by KMHCA. Online voting (if necessary) will be held at from August 9–15, 2015.

To nominate yourself, or someone else, please complete the KMHCA Nomination Form and the Governor Appointment Application Form and return to Sarah Hurt ( by July 31. The Governor Appointment Application must be completed by the candidate.

Please Note: Candidates for the Professional seat must have been Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors for two years prior to nomination. The Citizen-at-Large member shall not be associated, or have a relative who is associated, with the practice or business of professional counseling. Neither the Citizen-at-Large, nor his or her relatives shall have a financial interest in the practice or business of professional counseling.

Voting on will be restricted to current or retired LPCAs or LPCCs, with one vote per person allowed. To join KMHCA, please visit our membership page.

KMHCA Nomination Form

Governor Appointment Application Form